Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pile of pink

I just love the pile of pink. I washed all the baby clothes yesterday. It was fun to fold and look at the tiny onesies and pajamas. There is still lots of time before I'll need these things, but I couldn't resist washing them any longer.

Today two of my sons will be getting Haircuts by Mom. They are looking like John Denver in the early Eighties. My toddler is very good about getting his hair cut, but it is so hard to hold still when you are two. He also has a runny nose and likes to keep his hands in his mouth (although he is no longer teething). This could make for a hairy face while getting the haircut.

Well, my daughter needs a bath and the toddler can't resist time in the Splashy, so we are off to get clean. Then we'll do haircuts and he can have a second splashy.

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