Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family size and soap

In this society of 2.5 kids, having 5 children must seem really bizarre to a lot of people. We haven't got out much as a family since Peanut was born, but when we have gone out, the seven of us, we've gotten some comments on our large size. Even in our ward at church, we are now tied with 2 other families for largest number of children. Hubby and I each grew up in families with 4 children. We've passed our parents. It has been strange.

What has really been strange to adjust is that even after sending hubby to work in the morning and the oldest son to school, I still have 4 kids in the house. With Peanut's cold, I stayed home from church today to care for her, but Hubby still left the house with 4 children. This will take some adjusting. I realize that 5 isn't as large as some families I know, but the adjustment has been bigger for me than I anticipated.

OK, a random happening in our house. I finished a bottle of dish soap and so I dug deep into the cabinet under the sink to find more. I found a bottle of blue dish soap labeled Deseret Dish Washing Soap. Yep, soap from the storehouse. I was using it and I kept getting these strange nostalgic flashbacks to when I was very small and in my parent's kitchen. I smelled the dish soap. The smell was oddly familiar. I mentioned it to my hubby and he said the same thing had happened to him when he used it. This dish soap must smell the way all the dish soaps use to before they all started to have "scents", like cucumber-melon and spring breeze. I wonder if after this soap is gone I can get more of it. I like the way it smells and reminds me of my childhood.

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