Saturday, April 26, 2008

Princesses and trucks

Yesterday, some friends gave my kids some good old fashion metal toy trucks that their children had long out grown. My thought is they will be perfect for the sand box. Toddler took one and started playing with it. Princess took the other two outside to the sand box and began her play. Later I hear Toddler crying his frustrated cry. I went to see what was wrong and I find a little Polly Pocket Princess stuck inside the cab of the truck. It was Ariel, to be exact. Toddler had decided that the truck needed a driver and those little dolls were the perfect size. The problem was that Ariel was not dressed appropriately for truck driving - she had on a Cinderella dress. Ariel was taken out. Toddler continued to play with the truck and several other of his cars. They drove about the living room and crashed into each other a lot.

Princess on the other hand, was outside with the two other trucks. She dug in the sand and moved the trucks along the mounds of sand. She decided that her trucks also needed drivers. She came in and picked up the discarded Airel that Toddler had taken out of his truck. She places Ariel in the cab of one of her trucks and continues to play.

It is funny to see a bright red headed princess sitting in the cabs of these large yellow trucks. It is funny how Toddler quickly decided it was better that his truck had no driver, rather than have a princess in full ballroom gown dress sitting in the cab and how my Princess decided Airiel in full ballroom gown dress was perfect for her truck. Ah boys and girls. They are so different.

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