Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've decided to give my baby a blog name. From now on, (or until I change my mind) she will be called Peanut. I call her this because when I hold her, she curls up into a ball and it just reminds me of a peanut.

So, Peanut is 2 weeks old. She has a very different disposition from the other kids, so far. She spends a good deal of her awake time looking around at the world through her big eyes. Her eyes are brown! I'm so happy. I have brown eyes, my husband has green eyes and I've got four green/blue eyed children. Peanut's eyes may not stay brown, but for now, they are and I'm very pleased.

Two nights ago, Peanut caught a cold. I'm not surprised since the other kids have all had colds and I can't keep them from putting their hands all over Peanut's face. Princess (the 4 year old) insists on kissing her on the cheeks all the time. Poor Peanut. She has had the hardest time breathing. Her nose is stopped up and she insists on trying to breath through it. Early this morning, she started to panic because she just couldn't get air through her nose. It made her upset and she started to cry. I let her cry. At least she breaths through her mouth when she cries. Poor baby. It is hard to have a cold.

Princess has been a huge help lately. A few days ago, she was helping me wash dishes but it had been a while since she went potty and she had an accident. I put her in the tub. Toddler got into the tub too. I got them cleaned and then I went to check on Peanut. Peanut needed me, so I was holding her and caring for her when Princess and Toddler got out of the tub. I couldn't put a diaper on Toddler right away, so I let him run naked. Later, he came up to me and was wearing a diaper and a t-shirt. I hadn't dressed him and I know my seven year old hadn't done it. Princess had. I didn't know she knew how to put on a diaper, but she did! Then, yesterday, Peanut wanted a bottle. I was busy and hubby was going to get it, but suddenly, Princess appeared with a bottle. She had made it herself and did it just right! She really watches me. I'm so glad to have my sweet Princess.

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