Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lovely day

It is a lovely day here. Peanut is 3 weeks old today. It has gone by so fast. It feels like she has always been a part of us now. She still has her cold and so she snorts a lot when she breaths. Hubby was really worried about her, so I took her into the doc yesterday. Doc looked her over and said, yep, it's a cold. She weighs 10 pounds now! What a big girl.

It is a sunny day and I'm drying my clothes on the line. I do love that. I could have done it yesterday, but I was feeling lazy. Today I have energy (I don't know where it comes from, I've had very little sleep thanks to the snorting baby) and so I've taken my clothes outside to dry.

Hubby left this morning for a short business trip. We miss him, of course, but I really have fun when he is gone on these little trips. I have the van all to myself! I don't have to cook nice meals. Not that I always cook nice meals anyway, but at least the pressure to cook nice meals is off. After taking hubby to the airport this morning, we went to a large plant nursery and got some pretty plants. Hubby likes purples, blues and silvers. I found several purple flowers, some blue ground cover and I got lambs ear. A nursery is a place I really have to stay away from. I could spend so much money there. So many beautiful plants.

Our garden we planted is growing. We planted carrots, cucumbers, beans, and pumpkins. We have a very small area for planting and that is all we could fit into it. I've also got some dill, parsley and mint growing. It is neat to see the little plants poking out of the ground and their green leaves getting bigger.

In a week and a half, a friend of mine is going to our nearest cannery. It is strange how is works here, she had to give her order a month in advance to make sure they have what she wants in stock. Our cannery/storehouse is 2 1/2 hours away and I never make it out to that area. She was good enough to call me up and ask if I wanted anything. I placed a nice order with her. I wanted to get enough that it is worth the time and energy it will take her to go there, but not so big that she couldn't accommodate my stuff as well as hers. I'm excited to get my stuff. Mostly it is oats. I can do so much with oats - breakfasts, cookies, grind it for flour and make breads. Oats are so versatile and we use them a lot.

Well, it is time to go rotate laundry and bring in the dry stuff.

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Benteti5 said...

Seriously, those plant stores are eevviilll. Seems I can't walk in without spending more than 50 bucks. I love flowers. Unfortunately my thumb isn't so green, but I try.
Good job on going green with the laundry. That creates so much more work and let's face it, I'm just too lazy, plus I can't stand the crustiness of everything.