Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Good taste = expensive

I have amazing taste, but you wouldn't know it from the way I live. :)
I have expensive taste, but not in frivolous ways, in practical ways. Who knew practicality could be so expensive?

The houses I would like to live in the most are very expensive.
-I want an Hobbit house with a root cellar and smoke house. (OK, the smoke house might be frivolous, but it's also good self-sufficency.)
The decor I would love to decorate my house with is very expensive.
-I'm partial to the English manor look, but I'd be happy with a Hobbit look for my Hobbit house.
The vehicle I want to drive is expensive.
-I need are large vehicle to fit all my kids comfortably in. It would be ideal if I could drive one van with five seperate compartments within it. One for each kid so they can't touch each other or look at each other or hear each other singing or talking. (I don't think that exists and if it did, it would be REALLY expensive.)

See, I'm practical....

Recently, I bought a beautiful picture of Christ for our home. The only one we have is quite small and we wanted something larger so we could actually see Him in the picture. So, my great taste choose a lovely picture and Hubby agreed to it. The picture arrived before Christmas, pre-mated. It is just as beautiful as I had hoped, but it needs to be framed. Here is where my expensive taste comes in. The picture is not an ordinary size, meaning I'll have to purchase a custom frame.

Those things are expensive! Wow, I have good taste.


becca said...

You can order them online and they're a bit cheaper than Hobby Lobby. Also a couple of times a year Hobby Lobby will have a sale on custom framing. Your husband is crafty, have him make it... that's what my sister in law does. Good luck!

Lena Baron said...

I loved this post, I can relate!! Good luck with the frame. Maybe Erik can make you a Cedar frame (he and Stacy are working with wood a lot.) Just a thought. Thanks for remembering me on my birthday!!

Benteti5 said...

They make those custom frames so expensive so that when we use our half off coupons they just suck it up and whine expensive, not not pay for it expensive.

Suzanna H. said...

I totally understand you. I am the same way. We want to live simply and cheaply, BUT in order to get to that point where it won't cost much, it is really expensive... more expensive than the way we are living now.