Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom, the Reminder System

I've had a complete lack of wanting to do most everything, except writing and weaving. Even those, I do here and there.

I'm tired of reminding people to do stuff constantly.
-I have to tell my oldest sons to brush their hair before they go to school - every day. If I didn't, the would go to school with the bed head rat's nest that is their hair every morning.
-I have to remind all the kids to brush their teeth and use the potty - every night, although I'm finding out that most of the kids forget to brush their teeth, even after I ask them to go do it.
- I have to remind my oldest son to do his homework and I have to ask about each individual subject or else he won't do it - every day.
-I should be reminding my other son to practice his piano, everyday, but I usually forget this.

You would think that after 7 years of school, my oldest son would be able to remember to brush his hair each morning and do his homework each day, but he doesn't.

I'm starting to forget everything I need to remind the kids of everyday. Hubby has to remind me. I know he doesn't remember everything either, but I don't remind him. I feel like if I do, I'm being a nag.

I need a reminder to exercise each morning. I get busy with projects, cleaning, kids, hobbies, cooking and a variety of things and forget about exercise. Maybe I can get my computer to remind me.

This has no point, obviously.... just me rambling on and on and on.

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