Monday, January 11, 2010

The many adventures of our hosuehold

Life's an adventure. Especially with 5 kids in the house. Really, life is adventure with my 2 youngest in the house.

*My keys are missing, again. I've cleaned the living room, the dining room, two of the bedrooms and I haven't found them yet. I know they are no where on the kitchen counters, but I haven't checked cupboards yet. That will probably be the next place I clean and search through. After that, I go to my other son's room, the SUV and finally my bedroom. Well, at least my house is looking very clean.

*A new bed! With good fortune, we got a king size bed for free! It's currently sitting in the floor of the garage and the kids are bouncing on it like a trampoline. They love it! We might now use it as a bed and just keep it in the garage for the kids to play on.

Well, I had more adventures to write about, but I've forgotten them again. Well, life is never dull and before I can finish doing anything, I've gotten side-tracked and done about a dozen things before I remember what I was doing first of all.

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