Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have to say, I'm not feeling all that positive about starting to homeschool my daughter.  I don't like feeling like this.  I 'm just being selfish, that's all.  It's not that having two kids at home means a quiet day.  Those two often fight, but it's really kind of peaceful after the other three kids and Hubby leave.  That quiet won't be the same with my daughter at home.  She's a talker.

I also enjoy a little more personal time during the day that I'll loose with homeschooling.

It was hard to send her to school today, for the last time this year.  As I watched her get on the bus I wondered, again, if I'm doing the right thing.  There are certainly some things about school that I can't offer here.

But I start thinking about the reasons I'm doing this.  It's for her.  I can offer her an education that she can't get in the public schools.  The schools must teach to the lowest denominator.  The slower kids need education too, but it's tough on those who are ready to learn more and can advance more quickly.  There are many reasons I'm doing this.  They are all for her.  That is what is most important.  My two little ones will benefit from her school instruction.

My daughter is excited.  That's reason enough.


Kleanteeth said...

School in the beginning is only the lowest denominator for book smarts and that is only a fraction of what is to be learned at school. Kids can get book smarts anywhere, anytime. School offers a myriad of other lessons that can only be taught at that age by a specific environment and that isn't home. If this window is missed, it will be hard to crawl through later. For the most part, in most instances, I am against home schooling. I think for as many reasons as you do it for your child, you may hinder them in other ways that aren't apparent. But to each his own and I've been wrong before.

Lena Baron said...

WOW! Molly, you go with your Mother Heart and all will be well. Don't listen to any of us out here in cyber space. Just do what you feel is right and He'll make up the rest.

ML said...

I completely agree that there are lessons that only going to school can teach. My oldest son, who is incredibly social, is in orchestra and enjoys having lunch with his friends. For those things I'm grateful. However, he was recently tested and is reading at a senior in high school's level. However, because of the poor schools in New Mexico, he is stuck in remedial reading with no chance of getting out of it the rest of his school career while in this state. If we are ever able to move, my children will be far behind others in their own grade.

Where do you make the decision? Let them drown in a school system that can't even pass their own state tests, but have the great social experiences that only school can offer? or do you pull them out, give them a higher education so they can go onto college someday, but miss out on some of the social aspects of school? It's a tough decision. This isn't a permenant situation and I'll put her back into school oneday. Really, what school interactions is she going to miss in the 1st grade? Not much at this age.

So, we move forward with the plan to homeschool this year. Actually, it's a wonderful opportunity for me to spend more one on one time with her. This is a super age to homeschool, if you are going to. We are excited.