Thursday, September 16, 2010

Test of technology

To be able to sign up for my next classes next semester, I'm required to take and pass a computer literacy test.  I downloaded a practice test yesterday and couldn't pass it.  I was shocked by the questions.  I not I'm not the most tech savvy person, but I didn't think I was that illiterate.

What's wrong with me?
I started to think about it and realized there are good reasons for me having a difficult time with this:
- I don't text, I don't have an iPhone or any PDA.  My cell phone is just that - a phone.

- I'm slow to join in many of the latest social networks.  I never MySpaced.  I eventually joined Facebook and last night, I joined Twitter.  I don't know what to do with Twitter, but my second paper due in my library class is about social networks and their relevance to the library.  I can't write about one of the most popular social networks if I've never used it.

-I haven't been in the work force in 13 years!  When I worked last, we were using WordPerfect 6.0!  Most people didn't have cell phone.  There were no PDAs at all!  I had just learned to use the Internet.  Nothing was digital.  The copier I ran simply made copies.  Your options on the copier were lighter/darker, number of copies and start!

I've had no need to learn more technology that I needed at home.  Now I'm expected to take a test about programs I don't know about and try and figure out the purpose of gadgets I've never used.  My husband says not to stress, just study.  I'll study, but I'm still stressed.  I have to pass or I can't continue my program next semester.

No pressure.

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