Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What to expect?

My daughter is in her third week of 1st grade.  Homework started this week for her.  In Kinder, she was given a packet of 4-6 pages of homework to be turned in on Friday.  Now, she is getting daily work to do and return.

So, what kind of homework does a first grader bring home the first day of school?

Preschool pages!

It's the exact same kind of work in my four year old's preschool book.  Matching shapes, big vs. small, and find what objects on this line start with the letter 'h'.  It's silly, I think.  I know they need to review before starting into the main work for the year, but really, preschool level stuff?

She should be doing things that she was working on at the end of Kinder.  Am I expecting too much for only the third week of school?  I'm really not sure what I was expecting for a first grader's homework, but it wasn't this.

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