Monday, September 19, 2011

Among my friends

I accept that I get older each year when my birthday rolls around.  It doesn’t bother me, but I occasionally say to myself, “I’m how old?  When did that happen?”

Several days ago, eight friends and I got together for dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  While we were there, we realized that four of the nine of us had all had birthdays in the past week, myself included.  An odd coincidence for nine friends, I think.  We sat there at the restaurant, chatting and eating delicious Mexican food (a perk about living in New Mexico).

I looked around at each of us and realized only one other mom had a teen, like me.  Her son and mine are both 13 years old.  From there, the age of all of the kids go down with the youngest two being only 3 months old.  So, I sat there, listening to the stories of kids, school, and activities and I noticed something that amused me and slightly depressed me.  I was the oldest friend among our party.  Oh man….

I guess I’m older and wiser. Right?  Well, maybe just oldest.  I’m not sure about my being wise.

Time to get out the cane young whippersnappers!


Deb said...

Molly that must have been one of those hmmmmmnnnnn moments when you realize that you are the senior. It was splendid in high school to have that honour but...
I am in the middle of my group of friends, age wise. For that reason I will murder any of them who start to die off.

Molly said...

You're funny, Deb. I guess I need to make some new friends. I need friends with teenagers who can give me advice on what to do with a teen.