Monday, September 26, 2011

Dumb Criminals

The other day on the radio I heard this funny story.
A man goes to the blood bank to donate blood. (Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke.)  He notices at the front desk a 51” TV that the blood bank is giving away in a prize drawing.  That night he broke into the blood bank and stole the TV.  He used a taxi to make his get-a-way.  The TV was too big to fit into the taxi properly, so part of it was poking out.

Apparently, the blood bank realized very quickly what had happened.  The man was arrested while still in the taxi.  The blood bank recognized the man as having just been in there that day and for goodness sakes, they had all the DNA on the man that could ever be asked for.  After all, he had just donated blood.  Thanks to the stolen TV sticking out of the taxi, the police were able to find him pretty quickly and arrest him.
I guess the guy was too desperate to get the TV to think about who he was stealing it from.  Maybe he wanted to really watch the new fall line-up on primetime TV.

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SLC said...

Moron. That is a good story. I heard of one the other day on the radio where a guy got pulled over for suspicious behavior and turned out he had a portable meth lab in his car complete with clientele list.