Monday, April 23, 2012

Auntie M's Children's Theater is back!

Now that we have moved, settled down and my school semester ends in 3 weeks, I'm starting to think about summer season 2 for Auntie M's Children's Theater. 

We will be starting out with our teen comedy and improv group.  My son is looking forward to doing this again with people other than his mom and dad.  I'm really hoping we can get a group of great kids.

I'm also planning on doing a summer play.  I'm not sure which one.  I might do the same play I did last year - The Seven Ravens.  Being in a new state, no one I worked with last year would be participating this year.  New group of kids!  Plus, I've already got all the props and scenery. All I would have to do is resew the raven costumes and find a location for the performance.  I've got a few ideas for location and if all else fails, someone told me they have a perfect backyard for putting on plays. 

Anyway, I'm excited for the beginning of Auntie M's Children's Theater 2012 Season!  Check out the website.


Linnea said...

I wish you could move to my town--I have one that would love this!

SLC said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes! Good for you starting it up again!