Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV Dad pick

I recently found a blog that shares writing prompts.  I had been looking for things like that for a while.  It isn’t that I’ve run out of ideas, far from it, but sometimes we get stuck in our own circle of thoughts and need to break out of that circle.  This is where the writing prompts come in.
Here is a fun one: “I wanted Mr. Rogers be my dad so I could live in his neighborhood and he could love me just the way I am.” What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?

I think Bill Cosby would have been a fun dad.  I would have stood out in a most odd way in his home, though. 
There are so many great TV dads: Ward Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver), Steven Keaton (Family Ties), Dr. Seaver (Growing Pains)….. 

Still, if I had to choose, I think I would pick Dick Van Dyke.  Who wouldn’t want to live in that great house with Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore?  Have dinner with Rose Marie…  Yep, I think that would be my pick of a TV dad.


Linnea said...

I agree with you--Dick Van Dyke would be awesome.

Lena Baron said...

Good Choice!! I just wanted to let you know I'm never disappointed when I sit down and read through your blog. I often walk away with a smile or a chuckle. So refreshing during the endless roller coaster of everyday life. Just wanted to say thanks!!