Thursday, April 19, 2012

Squawky The Bird

Squawky, our Budgie, sits in his cage on top of the file cabinet in the office.  He has food and he has water.  He has a mirror and a disco ball.  What more could a little budgie need?

Well, shared with you today are seven thoughts Squawky had during the course of the day:

"You're my best friend, Bernice," he says looking into the mirror.  "No one understands me like you do."

"Wow!  Look at the way the light is hitting the disco ball!"  he cries as he starts to flap his wings like a feathered-bird version of John Travolta.  What his owner interprets as squawking is actually: "You can tell by the way I move that I'm a woman's man, no time for squawk!  Sing with me Bernice!"

"Bird seed, again?  Can't they get a little more creative with my food dish?  I mean, how about a nice fat juicy worm?  Come on people!  Less seed, more worm!"

"AHHHH, the music!  Turn it down, turn it down!  I can't take the sounds of Nick Jr. coming from the computer again!!"

"Bernice, you want to play hide and seek?  OK, I'll turn my head, count to five and you hide.  Ready?  One, two, three, four, five!  Here I come ready or not! (turns head back to mirror) Oh, your right there.  Bernice, I don't think you get this game."

"Hey!  Hey!  Some one come clean my cage!  There is a mountain of poo below me.  Someone come get this stuff out of my home!"

"I don't know Bernice, sometimes I dream about flying away from here, finding my brothers and living in a budgie commune.  Maybe one day...."

"Hey lady who feeds me, thanks for coming over and checking on me today.  I appreciate when you talk to me, when you feed me and when you whistle at me.  However, I don't like when you try and pet me and for goodness sakes, can you please get this poo cleaned up?"


I've recently found Mama's Losin' It and have found it to be a fun blog.  Each week she hosts a writer's workshop.  This is my first prompt.

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Linnea said...

You're right! I like this too--I might have to try these too!