Thursday, April 26, 2012

A story ahead of its time

OK boys and girls, it's time for a long winded story.  :)

When I was a senior in high school and my first two years of college, my favorite TV show was SeaQuest DSV.  I loved that show and I had a crush on one of the characters.  I won't say which, but it wasn't the teenager that was in the show.  Deep inside of me is an actor and a story teller.  It is why I write.  I love to tell stories.  The actor in me wanted to be a part of that show, so in my own mind, I created my character and inserted her into the SeaQuest stories.  I didn't write any of that down, it was all in my imagination.

I'm terribly embarrassed, but today I had an eerie (for me) but amusing experience that reminded me of my SeaQuest days.  My character was named Moriah.  Now, Moriah wasn't a crew member of the SeaQuest, but she was hired by the UEO (United Earth Organization, who SeaQuest was under.)  Her job was a short termed one, but most important:  to build a library and a cataloguing system for the SeaQuest.  You see, SeaQuest was not only a military vessel, but a research one as well because it could dive deeper than any other submarine and had the very latest in technology.  They were gathering more data than their database could handle.  It was Moriah's job to fix that.  She set up a cataloguing system for the SeaQuest that was unique to it.  It could easily store, classify and catalog all data that was entered into it.  It was complex and complete, but user friendly.  Moriah also had some adventures on the SeaQuest, but the reason she was there in the first place was because she was a professional cataloguing librarian.

Yes, it is cheesy and that is why I've never shared that with anyone before.  Hello Cyberspace!!

Now, I am in library school.  I've got a major project due in 13 days.  Believe me, I've been thinking about it all semester, but until recently, I didn't know enough about the subject of the class to really be able to work on the project.  It is crunch time now and I sat today with my papers in hand, despairing over how much I needed to do.  I realized there is a LOT more to the project that I thought.  I read over the assignment again, again, and again. 

I have to pretend that I am a newly hired Information manager of an organization.  I need to take the library of the organization and create for it a new cataloguing and knowledge organizational system.  I was pacing my living room, talking out loud about the assignment and trying desperately to put myself into those shoes.  Then I realized, I had been in those shoes before - on SeaQuest.  What I need to do for this project is exactly what I created my character to do in my own SeaQuest adventures.  An efficient cataloguing and organization system for the company.

I understood my assignment!  My story of Moriah was way ahead of its time.  Crazy, crazy.  Now, even though I understand the assignment, it doesn't mean I know exactly what to do.  I have to write a 3000 word paper describing the new system and why it is needed.  I honestly don't know how I will fill that many words.  I struggled all afternoon with it and have only managed 369 words.  Only 2631 words to go. 

Molly and Moriah are needing so massive help with this project.  I can do it!  Just like every episode of SeaQuest ends with them narrowly escaping danger and have a happy ending with a smiling crew, so shall this project end.  It is going to be tough, ugly and probably very scary those last few days, but, I will turn it in on time and I will be smiling.  Then, my first year of school will be over.


Linnea said...

You can do it and it will be great!!

SLC said...

Just keep asking yourself, "What would Moriah do?"

Lena Baron said...

Sending you good thoughts filled with many words vibes! Good luck, you'll do Great!