Thursday, June 07, 2012

My Great-Grandmother

I've written about my great-grandmother before.  Her name was Peggy, but we called her Mamu.  She was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  While I'm always aware of my Scottish heritage, I don't often think about it much, but over the last year and especially the last few months, Scotland has been thrown into my mind over and over again.

I'm trying to re-connect with the family there.  I've met some of the cousins, back in 1992 when I got to travel to Scotland. (Seriously, I can't believe it's been 20 years.)  When it comes to my family history from my Scottish line, I don't know much, so one of the cousins and I are trying to share.  Technology is amazing.

Here is one picture I have of my great-grandmother that I love.  It is her and her older brother, Jimmy, taken in 1901. 
Mamu is 4 in this picture, the same age as my youngest daughter. Peanut actually has the exact same shape of face as Mamu and by this picture, I would even guess their hair color is similar.   Family!

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Lena Baron said...

That was my thought exactly (about Peanut!) Wow! And I think it is so neat that your family is from Scotland!! So Neat!