Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Peas and Beans

Our garden has produced peas and beans!

This past weekend, we picked all the peas and some of the beans.  The two large bowls in the front are peas, the small one in the back is green beans.

It took four of us a hour and a half to shell all the peas.
We filled up a huge bowl.  It's hard to tell, in this picture, how much peas there are, but there was a lot.

These are the beans.  My husband wanted me to make picked green beans.  His mom makes them every year and it is one of his most favorite treats. 

So, today I spent several hours figuring out how to pickle the green beans and can the peas.

Success!  Seven jars of peas, and five picked green beans.
One of the green beans didn't seal completely.  My canning instructions tell me to stick it in the fridge for 3 days and then it can be eaten.  Hopefully Hubby can wait that long.

Next canning adventure will be rhubarb jelly!

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Lena Baron said...

Oh WOW! I would Love to taste your jelly. Peas are the only veggie that Leif just won't it. But he does love moms Dilly Beans. So fun that you took the time to do this!!