Monday, June 04, 2012

Talking with the four year old

My four year old has a lot to say... about everything.  She is quite jealous if two people are holding a conversation and she is not involved.  When my older daughter was four, she had an imaginary friend, Jenny Jenna, who was the center of all of her stories and the authority on all subjects.  Peanut will tell you, "last night at my friend's house, we ...." and the story goes on from there.  She makes sure she has her say in everything.

Peanut is also smart.  A little too smart sometimes. :)  Language is so difficult and it takes years to master.  It's something I'm still trying to master, but for a four year old, it is an amazing accomplishment.  Peanut surprises me constantly with her thoughts, her vocabulary, and her ways of expressing those thoughts.

This morning I asked her, do you want cereal for breakfast?  She starts to sound out the word, holding out the 'sss' sound at the beginning of cereal.  Then she announces, cereal starts with c.  Whoa!  Did she just figure that one out?  She saw the bananas on the counter and started sounding the word out, so I asked her, what does banana start with?  She got it, B!  I know it seems like a little thing, but for a four year old, it's pretty impressive.

Something that has amazed me is her memory. She can be asking for something, fall asleep, take a nap (or even sleep all night), wake up and continue asking for whatever it was she wanted.  She has done this many, many times.  She wants me to read her a story, but she is crying and tired.  Instead of the story, I get her to fall asleep.  She can nap for an hour, wake up and start to ask about the story again.  Yesterday before church, she asked Hubby for something.  He told her after church she could have whatever it was.  As soon as church was over, she was asking again.

I can't remember what I was thinking about two minutes ago!


SLC said...

That one is serious smart.

Molly said...

She is scary smart.

But it's funny. She'll say something incredible and you ask her, "how did you know that?"

Her simple answer, "Because I'm smart."

Lena Baron said...

So Love this! She is very impressive! Although, I'm guessing that the strong memory can be a little tiresome sometimes;)