Monday, December 29, 2008

School subjects

For Christmas, my mother gave me and Hubby a fun board game, "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?" Not having had TV for more than 4 years, I hadn't heard of the game show before this.

It says it is for ages eight and older so we invite the older boys to join us. Since we have a current 5th grader, we let him start the game. He did the 5th grade questions first and got them correct. Then, there was a 3rd grade science question: "How fast does light travel in one second?" We all looked at each other, chucked, and wrote down our answers. Oldest son got it wrong. We checked the answer, we all got it wrong. Oldest son got very mad and quit the game. Now, when we talk about the game, he just comments that he isn't smarter than a 3rd grader and can't play the game. I keep pointing out that we all missed that question, even Dad, who is a science fan.

Having played the game several times now, we discovered a few things. For Hubby and myself, science is our forte. Social studies is our bane. While Hubby sticks to geography, science and math, I venture out into art, music and literature as well as science. I'm terrible at grammar. I'm hoping one day to get Oldest Son back into the game with us, but he is such a sore looser, I'm not sure I want to go there again or not.

I've been thinking about Homeschooling again. Our school district isn't the greatest and I'm concerned about the things they aren't learning at school. So, last night we talk to the kids. They all said no, even our 5 year old who hasn't started school yet. Shoot me down. Well, millions of kids go through public school and do just fine. I guess mine will too. I'm still concerned though....


Lena Baron said...

Molly, thank you so very much for all of the gifts. I love your creativity! I'll enjoy my dusting and kitchen duties so much more! And the books... I love this series! THANK YOU!!

Good luck with your kids and school!!

Benteti5 said...

There are ups and down to public school, I agree. I have met many more people here who home school. My kids love school and I'm glad because home teaching is not for me. Can you say tor-ture? Kids gotta learn to deal. You can't win all the time and it's funner to play and lose than not play at all, right? Get #1 on board.