Tuesday, February 24, 2009

down day

I've been wanting to blog, but I've had nothing interesting to say recently. I can think of zero profound thoughts, real or humorous. I get really crappy sleep, thanks to Peanut. I guess it is all my fault. For the most part, I function very well on the poor amount or quality of sleep, but once in a while, it catches up to me and I have a very bad day. Today the lack of sleep has caught up. Tomorrow will be better, it always is.

Nope, I'm sitting here with a total mind block. Today is a lack of thought day.
Good day.


Lena Baron said...

Good Luck Molly! Just wanted to stop in and say hello. I hope tomorrow is better!

SLC said...

You just have writer's block - do what I do when I get writers block; get yourself a cold brewskie, put on some Jimmy Buffet and kick back. Just kidding, good luck with that.