Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recent discovery - Etsy

So, I'm slow and just now discovering what is. I've know about it for a while, but I'm just now getting into exploring it. It's a terrible thing. I just want to buy so much!

A month ago I entered several give-a-ways at the Bloggy Carnival. I love carnival time. One of my entries was picked and I won a fun necklace.

It is hard to see, I'm not the greatest photographer and my flash kept getting in the way of a good picture. :) The necklace says "Discipline" twice on each side of the pendant. It's pretty, delicate, and has a good message on it, especially when I really want chocolate!

It was made by Christie O at Baby Tea Leaves. She has an Etsy store with much better pictures of the necklace I won from her store. I must say thank you to Christie O for hosting a give-a-way and giving such a pretty gift.

I also discovered two other Etsy stores recently. OK, I've found many! One is called CrazyK Bath and Body. She has soaps in the coolest shapes and over 300 scents available. I've ordered something from her, but I haven't actually seen anything yet. But it is too cool what she can make!

One thing I did find and ordered are some pretty necklaces from Intelligent Design

Aren't they pretty? I know, it's hard to tell from my photo. One is a light purple flower and the other is just a cool red and white design.

So, between my Discipline necklace and the two other pendants I have something fabulous to wear everyday! If it weren't so tacky, I'd wear all three at the same time.


SLC said...

That dog poo is awesome. The food ones look totally real - my kids would be trying to take bites out of them.

Linnea said...

OK--Having never been to Etsy myself you have convinced me I am missing out--going there now.

Martie said...

Cool! And congratulations on winning the awesome necklace!

I love Etsy too, but I stay away because I can't buy anything, and I LOVE the little girl clothes. Not that I would spend that much anyway, but MAN!

Mom to 9