Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lunch time hero

Thanks to you all for your kind remarks. I appreciate it.

Yesterday, at lunch, I was a hero. At least, to my 5 year old daughter I was. Why you may ask? Because I served up Hannah Montana macaroni and cheese. WalMart had some for 77 cents! Seventy seven cents, a little time cooking and my daughter was dancing in the kitchen.


Linnea said...

I often wish I didn't have to be so "responsible" and be the "lunch hero" more often!!

Lena Baron said...

SWEET! You "Saved The Day!" as Jakob would say! He loves making people heros! He also like Hannah Montana... Don't Ask! I Have NO Idea how he even knows who she is! I Don't even really know... SO Wierd and Trendy!!