Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poetic thoughts, again

Yesterday morning, Hubby had to get up very early to leave for a very early meeting. No prob. It did wake up Peanut. So after he left, I held Peanut and relaxed in my rocking chair. My mind was awake and spinning in circles and I started thinking about something that I should blog. My mind started composing the entry and it was very poetic sounding. I was quite pleased with the way it was sounding in my head. Then, I dozed off for a little while until it was time for the other kids to wake up. Upon awaking, I could remember nothing of my well composed blog entry. Nothing at all, except that it had sounded so good.

I've noticed I do this a lot. I have very poetic thoughts and compose stories in my head, but when I sit down to write it out, I ether can't remember or I can't make it sound as good on paper as I could make it sound in my head. Who knows what great story I've thought of and then couldn't remember. Maybe it is writer's block. Maybe I'm just sleep deprived and my brain is suffering.


Martie said...


I do that too! I totally think of something great, and then it doesn't happen.


mom to 9

Lena Baron said...

Yep! Me Too!

SLC said...

That's sad. I'm sure it would have been fabulous, dahling.