Monday, May 18, 2009

Just the random everyday of life

I've been meaning to post more on hobbies because I have some funny things to show, but it requires me scanning some pictures from a book and I just haven't taken the time to do it. But, I will share a few pictures of my latest odd hobby, weaving!
This is a tapestry weaving technique that I'm trying. Usually, you sit on the floor with such a frame propped up. I'm not big into sitting on a hard concrete floor for long periods of time. Also, hanging like this, the kids can't get at it as easily. There is a pattern lightly drawn on the warp, or vertical yarn, it is geometric shapes and lines.
Here is a picture of what I just finished. This medieval torture looking device it my attempt to make my own loom. It works well enough. It needs some improvements... This flag thing I'm making turned out looking alright. My hubby refused to comment on it when I showed him the final project. I know it isn't pretty (this view is the back side, by the way) but I am very proud of what I accomplished for a first time.

Ok, on to other things of life!
Only two and a half days of school left!!! My boys are so excited. We have a very busy week.
This is my oldest, bobbing for apples. He really wanted to do this the other day, so the whole family got into it, except for me, I can't get my ears wet, so I've never been able to participate in things like this.

Desert blooms! I'm amazed at the huge number of flower producing plants here in the desert. The colors are amazing, too - red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, dark purple and pink. What is even more amazing that in the 6 months we have lived here, it has not rained. Twice in December it sprinkled, and a few months ago I saw about 10 drops on the sidewalk, but that is it! Desert plants are amazing.

The girls of my family have had a running joke for years about the Bluebird of Happiness. I'm not sure how it all started, but around 10 years ago, I ended up with two of this little glass birds. For the last year I've been having a great time putting these little bluebirds in various places and situations and taking their picture. Well, now, they are ready for summer!


SLC said...

I'll be really impressed when I see that bird in a bikini!

Martie said...


You should talk to my littlest sister who does weaving too. It's fascinating! You ladies amaze me. I never do anything ultra-creative like that. At any rate, I love your torture device AND the bottom side of what came out of it.

(Is that the first time anyone has ever made that statement before? I hope so.)

And I am still CRRRAZY about your music selection.


ML said...

Thanks Martie! I don't know anyone who weaves and I've never seen a real loom.

And thank you for your nice comments on my music. What I have now is an odd collection, a few songs from the Narnia soundtrack, songs from the Sims game and Elder Scrolls game, and a midieval chant in Latin. They are songs I can listen to over and over and over...

Lena Baron said...

Molly, Your weaving is Awesome! I'm going to start braiding a rug this summer. I'm excited! Thanks for sharing your hobbies with us! And the flowers are so fun. I'm glad there's some color sprinkled around out there!

Suzanna H. said...

HELLO! Just thought I would pop by. I love finding out that friends have blogs too! Amazing what facebook can do isn't it?