Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jaws of Steel

Peanut has been teething for several months. We are almost done. She has two teeth to go - the two lower canines. As is such, she has been chomping on everything.

A few weeks ago, I was at the grocery store. I can't sit her in the seat part of the cart because she stands up in the seat. So, I put her in the cart with the groceries. I had just put a new gallon of milk in the cart and as I was walking down the aisle, my 5 year old yells, "Mom, Peanut opened the milk!" Peanut had the lid, with it's seal still attached, in her hand. She had her mouth over the open milk and was trying to get a drink. She had pried that lid right off with those jaws of steel.

At home, she has opened lids to the oatmeal, shortening, and even has gotten a hold of her formula. I've been lucky so far to catch most of these messes before they become huge messes.

Last week I was at Walgreens. I had a few things to get. Again, Peanut was in the basket. I was smarter this time, or so I thought, and put the items in the seat of the cart. While I was looking at something, Peanut stood up, got a box of neosporin and the box of lotion and stuck them in her mouth. By the time we got to the cash register, she had chewed the ends off the boxes and the creams sat at the bottom of the basket. All I could do was hand the cashier the chewed on box and apologize. "Sorry, but I have a teething toddler."

Then, yesterday, the mess that I have been so good to avoid happened. I was working on the computer doing various church related emails and reports when Peanut came up to me. She was holding her bottle and wanted to be held. I picked her up and noticed her entire outfit was wet and she smelled of vinegar. I went into the kitchen, where I found half a gallon of vinegar spilled out all over the floor. She had opened the cupboards, pulled out the vinegar and used those jaws of steel to pry off the lid.

My floor was very clean after I cleaned it all up. Now, I'm must go shopping for baby proof locks to go on several cupboards. We are renting the house and I would rather not do that to someone elses house, but Peanut is into way too much mischief and those jaws of steel are way to powerful.


SLC said...

Molly, that is insane. I have never heard of such a thing and though it is hilarious, I know it must be annoying and a little worrisome. That girl had better get those teeth in before she poisons herself! Holy cow - jaw of steel is a good description!

Linnea said...


Martie said...

Ack! She sounds like Harper! My 5-year-old would have trouble opening something, so she would give it to the baby to open! I knew I was in trouble when Harper could open granola bars before she could walk. Fun times!

Good luck with the locks. I'll bet her jaws of steel will be able to open THEM too! :O)