Friday, May 29, 2009

building birds

A couple of birds have decided a small wall hanging over the front patio is where they want to build their nest. I'm OK with this, unless they start to attack us like some mockingbirds did last year in a bush near our front door.
See this post to know what I'm talking about.

I find this nest very interesting. When they first started coming to the spot, they were leaving little brown spots all along the wall. I thought it was pretty gross, because I thought they were leaving little bird droppings. Then, I started to notice the little specks of mud on the ground right under the wall. So, I've been watching these birds. They work in the morning only and they are building on the side of the wall. The nest is made of mud and grass. Now, we live in the desert. It rained last Friday, a week ago, but before then, there had been no rain for 6 months and there has been no rain since. There is no standing water anywhere near by. I'm not sure how they get the mud, but I'm guessing they make it in their little bird tummys and regurgitate it. Kind of a gross thought and a less than sanitary way to build a house, but very ingenious for these little birds in the hot, dry desert.

I've enjoyed watching their nest grow and now it is really starting to look like a nest. I wish these little birds well as they start their family. As long as they don't attack us when we come out of our front door, all will be well with them. I don't know what they are, but they are not mockingbirds, thank goodness....

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