Monday, June 22, 2009

11 years ago

Eleven years ago, the Saturday before Father's Day, I was 39 weeks pregnant and we moved from an apartment to a basement. Early Sunday morning, I went to the hospital because baby decided he was ready, or maybe the move decided for him. We spent the entire Father's Day in the hospital. Nurses were congratulating dear Hubby for becoming a father on Father's Day. It was also the summer solstice. We waited all day long, but baby didn't want to come. Finally early Monday morning, just as the sun was rising over the mountains, our first child made his entrance into the world.

What a long three days those were! Now, eleven years later, we spent the Saturday cleaning and playing, Father's Day was spent hanging out with Hubby, going to church, and having one of Hubby's co-workers over for a BBQ and cheesecake. Today for son's birthday, we will go to the pool to swim and we'll play around the house. We'll light 11 candles for him on a cake.

Father's Day was nice this year. Hubby works with some really nice people, but one gentleman, who has lived a very exciting life due to his line of work, has no family around him here. Health issues bother him once in a while, as those things do, unfortunately, as we get older. We were thinking about him and decided he needed a little family on Father's Day, and we, not having any extended family close by, decided we needed him. As we went to church, we stopped by his house, invited him to dinner that evening and left directions on how to get to our house. It was a great dinner and Hubby enjoyed his co-worker's company. Mr. A, I will call him, has traveled the world in his career. He told us about various places he had visited and by the end, I was having an itch to travel. I must go see Norway now.

Other than the fighting with the kids to do a bit of cleaning on Saturday, it was a great weekend. We are looking forward to a great week. Some trips to the pool, a couple of day trips to see some local sights. Yes, a great week is waiting for us.

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SLC said...

Too bad the pool people rejected you!