Monday, June 15, 2009

climbing queen

Peanut is 14 months old now. She is the most mischievous of my kids. She really keeps me on my toes. Lately her favorite thing to do is climb up onto the table. If anyone is working there, or playing games there, she climbs on and terrorizes whatever is going on.

She also likes to sit or stand on the edge of the couch arm. This drives me nuts. We have hard concrete tiled floors. I worry about her. Of course, she thinks it is so funny and just laughs and laughs as she lives on the edge. I've gotten to where I keep pillows on the floor next the the arm that she likes to climb on. She has fallen off twice and it hasn't stopped her.

She also likes to take my wallet apart at every opportunity. She's a menace. Good thing she is so gosh-darn cute!

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Martie said...

Heh! Cute helps, doesn't it????