Saturday, June 20, 2009

goings on

Summer is the best. It's really fun.

Things have been busy, but fun recently. My two boys got to go to cub scout day camp this past week. They really had fun. I got to go work there for one day and I really enjoyed myself, with a few exceptions.
Exception #1 - Sunburn! Yes, everyday I tell my boys, be sure to put on your sunblock, but do I remember? OH NO! The top of my head hurts so much, I can't brush it. I was told once that if you burn the top of your head too many times, hair will stop growing there. The skin is too damaged for hair to grow. Not a pretty thought, but if it's the gray hair that goes, it's OK.

Exception #2 - 10 year old soccer boy kicked a ball way to hard while playing kickball and the ball hit my right hand, twice! My wrist was swollen Thursday afternoon and all day yesterday. It is still sore today, but it isn't swollen anymore. (I can hear my sister laughing at me right now)

Other than those two things, it was great fun and I hope to volunteer again next year. Really, I do love it.

Church always keeps me busy. This week was Enrichment night and Cannery night. I really like going to the cannery.

Getting ready for hubby's business trip. I'm jealous, he is going to the city my sister lives in/next to. He will be getting to spend his evenings with my sister and her neat family. I want to go!!

Well, while he is gone, we are going to go swimming at the local pool (I'll put sunblock on) and we will probably take a day trip, head west and go see a ghost town! ooooo

Normal house stuff always going on. Well, I'm not sure what is normal anymore... :)

There has been no rain for several weeks now. And yet, the tumbleweeds grow. They grow fast and are a beautiful deep green. We did not invite them into our back yard. They rudely came in, uninvited, and have made themselves at home in between the rocks in the back yard. We pull them out and toss them as quick as we can, but they seem to have invited all their friends over. Hubby and I were talking about how great it would be if tomato plants were like that. If we could just take tomato sees, toss them carelessly into the rocky back yard, never water them, and have them grow like crazy. That would just be great, but oh no, the tomatoes are dieing in the desert sun and the tumbleweeds are just as happy as can be.

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SLC said...

While it will be fun to have your hubby come see us, I wish you were coming too! But then again, I'll be seeing you next week! I can't wait!