Friday, June 26, 2009

topsy turvy

I don't understand:
When the wife takes all the kids to visit family for a week and leaves hubby at home because he has to work that we (friends and neighbors) feel the need to make sure and check on the husband and make sure he is eating decent meals.

When the husband goes away for some business trip and leaves the wife behind with all the kids do we (friends and neighbors) not give it a single thought and usually end up saying, "Oh, your husband was gone for a week? I had no idea."

Same amount of time, wife alone with the kids in both scenarios, and hubby alone with himself and free. So, we take care of the poor man who is free of all parenting responsibilities and we feed him, but the wife with all the kids is completely forgotten.

Why is that?


becca said...

Hahahaha, it's because (we your friends and neighbors) know that you are super competent and can well care for five children on your own. BUT husbands on the other hand are not quite so capable after years of being cared for by we.

Martie said...

When you figure it out let me know! And what about when Dad is left with all of the children? BWAAHAHAHA!