Sunday, July 26, 2009

Helpful girl

My Peanut is 15 months old now, almost 16 months old. The time is flying by. She can be so sweet. She is really starting to talk to us now and has a small vocabulary of "real" words, but she can speak an entire language I'm unfamiliar with. It is so funny to listen to her talk. She speaks her language with intensity. Each word is very deliberate. I just wish I understood Peanut Gibberish. I would absolutely love to know what she talks about.

She has become quite helpful. Or rather, she tries hard to be very helpful. When it is time to set the table, she wants to help, so I'll give her some cups. Sometimes she will put them on the table. Often she will wander off with them. She loves to help me with the laundry. She will hand me clothes to fold. Most of the time, however, she will hand me armloads of clothes I've already folded. She can undo an entire stack in one movement. When the laundry is done being folded, she wants to help put it away. She will grab and armload of laundry and walk off with it. I have later found stacks of half-way folded clothes in the hall closet and/or in the drier. The other day she wanted to take the wet diaper I had just changed her out of to the trash. She did it.

Saturday, at the store, she help unload the cart and would put cans onto the checkout counter. The cashier wasn't moving fast enough and after Peanut had put the last can on the counter, she began to take them off and put them back into the basket.

I love how eager she is to be helpful. It's tough because she really can't help much and I end up cleaning more because of her helpfulness, but I'm not going to squash it. She will become very unhelpful on her own soon enough, when those tough threes hit.

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