Monday, July 20, 2009

We are the Champions?

My three year old loves the song, "We are the Champions". He sings it all day long. The problem is, he only know about two lines of the chorus. He is very creative with his singing this song. He makes up his own lyrics.
It started out sounding like this:
No time for ya ya
'Cause we are the bo bo!

Sometimes you will hear him sing:
No time for tickle
'Cause we are the baby

Today I heard all through lunch:
No time for fingers
'Cause we are the hot dogs

No, it makes no sense at all. He just adds whatever words, real or nonsense, that he likes. I have got this song suck in my head all the time now, too.

Now, I must sing:
No time for blogging
'Cause I've got some laundry

1 comment:

SLC said...

That's really funny. I like his silly words.