Wednesday, April 07, 2010

the missing cell phone

It's not mine this time! Usually I'm the one to loose things, but this time, it's Hubby's cell phone that is missing. It went missing on Sunday. We haven't found it yet.

We had our oldest son clean his room. He will do anything to get out of that. One thing I don't understand - when you have a trash can in your room, why do you throw peanut shells, used Kleenex, and candy wrappers all over the floor?

I cleaned the other boy's room yesterday. It was a major undertaking, but it was good to do. The room is fairly organized, but still no phone. You wouldn't believe the amount of sand I swept up off the floor in that room.

I'll work on my daughter's room today.

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SLC said...

I'm with you - this week I have to get my house up to mom and dad and in-law standards!