Saturday, April 03, 2010

Peanut is TWO!

I can't believe my little Peanut is two years old.

This year has gone by quickly and we had many adventures and misadventures with Peanut.

She had learned to speak, pretty well for a two year old. I love to hear the things she has to say. She loves to talk on the phone and when she does, it's about her siblings.

She is the creator of many of the biggest messes in the house. She is the ring leader of all the messes made by her and her brother.

She loves the Muppet's and watching the old Muppet Show.

She loves to push her babies around in their baby stroller. She gets frustrated when it gets stuck somewhere and she can't move it.

She loves to be outside and this is sad when we have no yard for her to play in. When I take her to the playground, she loves to climb all over the set and go down the slides.

She has a fantastic laugh. You hear it the most when her siblings are being silly and falling to the floor. She loves that.

She loves to have her picture taken. Right now she makes this weird face when she sees the camera. I guess she thinks she is posing, but it's not flattering.

She still screams and throws a lot of tantrums. She can be frustrating, but she is sweet and funny and I'm happy Peanut is Peanut and two years old.


SLC said...

Happy birthday to baby girl! I hope she has a special day. Share the pictures later! I'd love to see her pose for the camera!

Lena Baron said...

Happy Happy Birthday Little One!;)