Sunday, April 25, 2010

Priorities vs. Dreams

Today, a talk mentioned priorities. I wish I could remember more about what was being said. Kids distract me so much that I only get to hear bits and pieces of anything that is ever said.

But whatever was said, got me thinking about priorities vs. passions. (Passions being what I would like to accomplish most, my dreams.) Are my dreams of weaving quality things and publishing a book really good things to be working on? They are not high on what my priorities should be. Really, as a mom, my kids and my home are my priority. Everything I do really should be directed towards my home and family. Anything else is taking away from these priorities.

I guess my priorities have been wrong. I should not work on my dreams because priorities are higher than passions. Instead, I need to be better at teaching my 4 year old his ABCs and counting. I need to be better at playing and reading with my daughter. I need to find out why my smart son is making bad grades (maybe his grades are poor because my priorites have not been right.) I need be caring for and cleaning my house better. I need to be preparing better meals. Anything not related to family and home are not important, right? That is what I was told today.

This makes me sad, though. While I love my children and I try hard to clean my home, I have dreams. But, these dreams should not be allowed to happen. Molly should not exists as anything but a mom/wife and homemaker.

Isn't this right? It is what I'm taught. No one has to answer this. I don't expect it to be answered. I'm just taking a thought I had today and writing it out. It was poorly written as I can't get my thoughts and feelings into the best words and phrases, but writing helps it all out helps a bit.


Linnea said...

It's always so hard to balance these things. I think that it is great for mothers to have dreams and act on them--the challenge is fitting the dreams in with the responsibilities/blessings of motherhood. In my own life I discovered years ago that I am not much of a wife or mother if that is all I am focused on. I need to be developing my own personal talents as well. That makes me a better mother. Sometimes I find that I have to spend more time with family things and less on my things to make sure everything is still working. Sometimes I get to spend a little more time following my personal dreams. The time I plan for different activities is fluid and ever-changing. In short, I don't think you should give up on your dreams--maybe you just need a week or two to put things back in a state you're more comfortable with and then set aside a certain amount of time each week to live your dreams. You're not likely to forget that your family is the most important priority--you love them so much.

Seth and Valen Baron said...

I second what Linnea said!

Kleanteeth said...

I agree too. You are Molly before you are wife/mother/maid. If you lose yourself, you will be no good for either one. Weaving weaves, and girl's bunco night doesn't mean your family is not priority.