Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost there....

Tomorrow is the last rehearsal for my play.  What an adventure it has been!

So, tomorrow (Thursday) is the dress rehearsal.
Friday evening - first performance.
Saturday morning - last performance.

I went to check out the stage on Monday.  We can't use our rehearsal stage for the performance. The building has been booked for another group.  So, I had to find us another location.  That's hard to do.  Every place that has a stage wants to charge $200 - $400 per day! That ain't happening.  I finally found one place, a retirement center that has a stage.  We can use it for free.  That is right in my budget. 

So, I went to see the stage on Monday and quickly realized, it is NOT meant for theater. 
It has no sidelines for off stage.
It has no curtains (I can work around that.)
It has no stage lights.  I'm hoping I can turn the lights off over the audience and keep the lights on over the stage. (I can work around that.)
It has a baby grand piano on the right side of the stage.  It's immovable. (We have to work around that.)


It isn't ideal, but it is FREE!!!!  I can't ask for better.
Next week, when this is all over, I'll give a review of the show and my thoughts on how the whole thing went.
It will be interesting to say the least.  I'm so excited!
 T-shirts I made for the kids:

The Seven Ravens!  What a mischievous group.


Janie said...

This is so awesome. You are an inspiration!

Molly said...

Thank you Janie. I don't feel like an inspiration because so many others have inspired me to do this. I've always admired how you took a hobby and turned it into a business.

Mon said...

That is great that you are following your dreams! Break a leg!!

Lena Baron said...

We've been thinking about you this weekend and sending you encouraging happy vibes. Hope you've felt our love! We look forward to hearing about it!