Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ireland smells like what?

My oldest son always keeps me entertained. He is clever and can be very funny. He will be turning 13 in two weeks!!!! When did he get old enough to be a teenager?

I recently had all the kids with me during a shopping trip. That is always an adventure. My oldest son told me he needed some new deodorant and asked if he could pick out some. Yes, son, please do! He picked one up and smelled it, picked up another and smelled it and this went on until he found one he liked. I’m not trying to promote a brand here, but for the purpose of the story, you must know that the deodorant he picked out was Irish Spring.

He started reading the label on the deodorant to me. It says, “This here’s the classic freshness of Ireland that gives you a crisp clean scent. Be ready lad, it’s been known to bring out the lasses. Start your day like a true Irishman and get fresh with Irish Spring antiperspirant.”

Now, I’ve never been to Ireland, but I didn’t think it smelled like deodorant. The people I know who have been to Ireland never told me about this. True Irishmen wear Irish Spring deodorant? I had no idea that an entire country of men wear the same antiperspirant. It brings out the lasses? Wow. Maybe I shouldn’t be letting my 13 year old wear this.

In my previous post, I mentioned the word “oxter” (Gaelic for armpit). This son loves to announce to me his oxter’s smell like Ireland. This sets his sister into a fit of giggles. I’m just pleased he is wearing deodorant.

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