Monday, June 06, 2011

The singing three year old

I love it when little kids play and while they play they sing.  My three year old, Peanut, is sitting on the floor next to me.  She has her little doll house and little characters all over the house.  There is two on the bed, one on the potty, one standing next to the window, a couple hanging out in the kitchen, and one of them is sitting in the fire place on top of the house.  While she arranges these characters, she is singing.  The song is all about her little people.  It is so sweet.

Sometimes she will just start singing in the car.  A few weeks ago, she told me she would sing a song for me.  Her song was about her siblings, her dad and me, her dolls, the cat, her pink undies, going to nursery at church, and any other idea that crossed her mind.  She sang the entire trip in the car and the entire way home.  It was so funny to hear the things that are important to her put into song.

I have tried to get some video of her singing, but the moment she sees me with the camera she clams up.  I try to be sneaky, but she figures it out right away, too.

These sweet moments won't last much longer.  She gets older every day and one day she will quit singing her sweet little songs.  I hope that day never comes, but I know it will.  Until then, I'll love listening to her sing about her life.


Deb and Barbara said...

Well, you know it's been ages since my kids were of the singing in the car age, but I vividly remember a road trip 8 years ago when my older daughter was 12 and my younger 9. The older also literally sang for hours every day, amusing herself (and sometimes us) with her invented ditties. To this day, we all remember well her favourite ode to her little sister: "Crap child by my side." Yup. Good times.

Molly said...

That's funny Barbara. Kids are so amazing and creative and so often surprise me with the things they say and think.