Saturday, June 04, 2011


Sometimes all it takes to get something done is a kick in the pants.  The drive is already there, all you need to get started is a shove.

Sometimes the idea is there, but the drive behind it isn't so strong.  That's when motivation is needed.

I really need to exercise but I don't want to.  One order of motivation, please!

How about:
I'm planning on visiting family this summer.  While I'm there, I would love to have a party with old friends from high school that I haven't seen in 15-20 years.  Is that motivation enough?  Not really, because I'm only planning of visiting family this summer.  There is no guarantee that I'll actually be able to do that and have my little soiree.

How about:
In three weeks I'll be taking a little overnighter with the Hubby.  We haven't been away together since having kids.  We are going to see a show and swim in the hotel pool.  I really need a new swim suit.  The last time I bought one I was pregnant with kid #4.  Yeah, a new swim suit is definitely in order.  I can't make myself look great in three weeks, but I could look better.  Now I just need to do those exercises for three weeks.....  (I still don't want too.)

Maybe motivation isn't what I need.....  Just give me a kick in the pants.  That ought to do it.

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