Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travel Thoughts

Just as a warning, my thoughts are bouncing all over the place. This whole entry pertains to traveling, but some of it deviates away from the topic before returning…… (Ha ha, my thoughts are traveling.)

Hubby and I would love to do some traveling. We didn’t do a normal honeymoon right after getting married. We were both students in the middle of the fall semester in college. We waited about nine months before we took our honeymoon trip. We went to France. It was awesome!!!

Since then, we haven’t done much traveling. With lots of small kids, traveling has never been much of an option. So, we’ve talked about it a lot and dreamed about it. We know that one day we will be able to do a bit of traveling again, but the question has been for the last decade where do we go? Hubby loves sunshine and beaches. I love green pine trees high up in the mountains. Opposites may attract, but they sure have a hard time deciding on where to vacation.

Six years ago, this August, I traveled, alone, to Italy. I was six months pregnant at the time with my fourth baby. I don’t speak a word of Italian. I was just happy that the word “chocolate” is so similar in so many languages. I could point at the bun in the bakery and say “chocolate” and they understood me. What an experience! It was great! I went for a conference. The conference is held every three years. At the end of the conference in Italy, they announced the next one would be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I had hoped to be able to attend that conference, but I had just had baby number five a couple of months earlier. I couldn’t leave. Three years later bring us to 2011. This year they are holding the conference in Barcelona, Spain! Hubby and I really wanted to go, but things just haven’t worked out that we could make that trip this year. I guess we’ll wait until this conference is over. They will announce the location for the next conference at the end of this year’s conference. I hope it is in Scotland!

Speaking of Scotland, I’m hoping to hear from Robert Gordon University in the next month or so. I can’t wait to register for classes. I don’t know what I need to do. They haven’t given me any information other than I’ve been accepted to the school. A month ago, I got a call from someone at RGU to find out if I had any questions. I was surprised when I first heard the caller. It took me a few moments to figure out what they were saying. Listening to my professors’ lectures is going to be interesting for me. I’m excited to think that by the time I finish my degree in three years, I’ll probably be able to do a great Scottish accent. Because it is an all online degree, I never need to go to Scotland, but I would love to be able to travel there. Perhaps I can go for graduation. I think it will be the only way I could get Hubby to Scotland. It just isn’t his idea of a vacation spot. Yes, they have beaches there, but it’s awfully cold!

I hope there will be time for traveling one day. Until then, Hubby and I have plenty of time to dream and decide where we would like to go….. Often the anticipation is the best part of the trip.

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