Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sock Conundrum

Mismatched socks.

For years, I have heard many people talk about how their dryers eat their socks, leaving lone socks without a match.  I too have this problem.  Although I'm not sure it's my dryer.  I'm thinking aliens....

Here we go:

Seventeen pairs of lone socks!  None of them match. Thankfully, my husband and eldest son are not too particular about their socks being exactly matching. As long as they are the same color, they are OK with it.  However, none of these can even be similarly matched.  It's ridiculous!!!!

See, I think it's aliens.  You might say, "but Molly, you moved away from New Mexico.  That is where all the aliens go."  And you'd be right.... BUT, now I'm living near the nation's capital.  How many movies have you seen where Washington DC gets attacked by aliens?  Tons of times, right?  Yep, aliens, one-footed aliens.


Erin said...

My oldest daughter intentionally wears mismatched socks so I get a free pass with hers. The rest of the family yeah not so simple. I agree must be aliens.

Lena Baron said...

I loved this post!! I just threw away several mismatched socks that have probably been rewashed a million times before I finally accepted that I wasn't going to find their mates. Ridiculous! :)