Friday, August 17, 2012

Comedy with Spock

Have you every imagined what it would be like if Spock (from Star Trek) tried to do stand-up comedy?  What about a comedy sketch?

You just can't, can you?  It would be highly illogical.

I have a Spock that comes to my teenage comdey improv group.  I'll give the group a scenario for their skit that go along the lines of "two pirates trying to order fast food" and my Spock will say, "that is stupid, it would never happen."


I've tried to explain to Spock that it doesn't matter if it can really happen or not, this is theater and we can do anything we want.  It's all make believe.

Spock doesn't get it.

Now when Spock tells me that the comdey scene is highly illogical, I just say, "Don't argue with the Host!"

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