Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tired hiking

I took the kids on a little hike today.  It was in a forested area, so even though it was hot and humid, it wasn't too bad because we were always in the shade.  I brought a portable water cooler with ice water in it, so we always had something cold to drink.  It was an easy trail to walk, well cared for and not too long.

Despite all the positives, my youngest complained most of the time.  She was tired, she wanted to go home, her shoes were going to fall off (they weren't), she needed a rest, she needed a drink....

However, there was a part of the walk that had rocks that the kids could climb on.  BAM!  Suddenly she had energy to spare as she climbed up a cliff side and posed for pictures from the top.  She found another way back down and climbed up and down the rocks a number of times.

However, when we were done on the rocks and walking back to the van, she was quite tired and told me so over and over and over.  Despite this whining, she did great.  They all do.  I love that I can take them on little adventures like this and I don't have to push a stroller or carry a toddler.  Life is very good.

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