Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Green is Changing

Back in April, I was delighted to see the winter trees turn green with spring blossoms.  Leaves that are the amazing lime green color that only spring can produce.

In June and July the leaves have turned into their deep summer green.

Now, it is mid August and the summer green is fading and being replaced with yellows and reds.  I didn't expect it to change so early.  I figured there was another month of summer green.  Now as I drive through the neighborhood, I look into the trees and see hints of yellow coloring.  The forest is taking on a new color and I'm delighted to watch the changed.

Ever since we arrived here in January, I've been excited for fall.  I love autumn.  I can't wait to see the transformation of the forest as a new season approaches.  I know I will miss the green of summer, but the bare forest in the winter makes the spring lime green and summer deep green all the more wonderful.

Fall, I am ready for you!  I can't wait to bake with pumpkin and light apple scented candles.

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