Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 weeks of the kids new school year - finished

Much is going on, as always, but nothing truly worthy of blogging about. 

The Teenprov group is really going well.  With school starting, we had a few changes in our group.  Two kids can't join us anymore because of other activities.  They've apologized to me, which is very kind, but I totally understand.  You can't do everything.  We also gained 5 new kids, including two boys.  Awesome!

The boys are both very young (10 and 12).  I would prefer them with the younger group than the older one, but they both have sisters in the older group.  The boys are both a little hyper and spent their entire first rehearsal jumping.  With every game they played, they jumped through the entire thing.  I appreciate their enthusiasm.

We have our next performance set up.  October 23!  It isn't easy to find places that will let us hold our performances for free or even a small fee, but I remembered the local library has several meeting rooms and they are available to the community to use for free.  Comedy improv at the local library!

I've got some choices and more possible choices a head of me.  I'm not sure what to do.  School?  Jobs?  Dreams? Personal projects?  Can I do it all?  I might try....  Some decision will need to be made in the next few weeks.  I hope I make the right decision. Not worth blogging about yet.

Well, the days start pretty early now.  I'd better head to bed for the night.

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SLC said...

I'm glad to hear your improv group is going well. I'm excited to hear about your upcoming projects.