Monday, September 10, 2012

Problems of the world solved... almost

I have great ideas and thoughts while driving around town in my big white van.  I've composed many a blog ideas.  I've thought up great books and stories.  While driving, I've solved all of our family problems, solved world peace and thought up the solution to end hunger.  I think up all these things while driving.

The problem is, once I get home, all these thoughts and ideas are thrown out the window.  I walk into the house and usually the first thing I hear is one of my younger children say, "I'm hungry.  I want a peanut butter sandwich."  Real life returns.

I get frustrated because I' completely forget about all those fantastic ideas I came up with.  Things I wanted to look up on the computer, ways to market my book, ideas for my theater, and important paper I need to sign, call this person... all those great ideas and reminders of things I need to do - GONE!

I need one of those hand held voice recorder gadgets.  Then I could drive, think, solve the mysteries of the universe and record my thoughts for later. 

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SLC said...

You should get one! They have digital hand held ones. And hey, you could get one that alters your voice and you could play it back on slow when talking about solving the problems of the universe for added effect. But really, those can come in handy.