Friday, September 07, 2012


I haven't blogged about my weaving lately because I haven't done much weaving since we moved.  I've been busy doing school, my improv group, and my kids.  For about six months a project sat on the loom hardly worked on.  I finally decided I was going to finish it.  Once I sat down and worked at it, it only took me a week. 

It's my Scottish clan Robertson's hunting tartan.  I made the regular tartan several years ago, but I love the colors of the hunting tartan.  I'm more into blues and greens.  It is quite long and will be a nice wrap to wear at church and home during the cold months.

For years, since I started weaving, I would see pictures of beautiful weavings with words and pictures inside of them.  I always wondered how they did that.  I read several articles and watched a YouTube video.

Then I would run to my loom and try it.  It was always a disaster and I finally gave up trying.  After finishing my tartan, my loom sat naked and empty.  I began looking up some Christmas patterns and seeing if I could find a fun project for the upcoming holiday season.  Once again, I saw pictures woven into the fabrics.  I watched another YouTube video of a lady weaving little Christmas tree pictures into her fabric.  It started to make sense, so I ran to my loom and began. 

I did it! Christmas trees!
I started to get a little braver and decided to try my hand at letters. 
It is tiny, but there it is: MERRY CHRISTMAS woven right into the red fabric!!!!

Now that I know how, nothing can stop me!!! It figures, that I would finally catch onto the technique in time for my own school to start again.

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