Monday, September 10, 2012

My birthday request

Today is my birthday!! (Tuesday, although blogger is saying I published this yesterday.)

That means for dinner, we fondue.  It's been my birthday tradition for about 14 years now.  A cheese and then a chocolate.  Mmmm.

I have a birthday request.  I published a middle school aged book two months ago through's self-publishing called Go Band Go.  I've sold a couple of copies, but not many.  One of the features of selling through Amazon is that I can do promotional days for my book.  This means my book is FREE! 

My request is that you download the book today.  It won't cost you a thing and each time it downloads, it helps my ranking.  You don't have to read the book, but if you do, I would appreciate a customer review on the Amazon site.  To go to my book on the, follow this LINK.

The promotion only runs today after that, it goes back to it's regular price of $2.99.

Thank you for supporting me.

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